The Anime Bowls

Saturday, December 20, 2014

Chick-fil-A NCAA Football 14 Playoff - Round 1, Part 2

Here's the other four games of the 1st round of the Chick-fil-A NCAA Football 14 Playoff!

#5 Baylor vs. #12 Boise State

#6 TCU vs. #11 Kansas State

#7 Mississippi State vs. #10 Arizona

#8 Michigan State vs. #9 Ole Miss

And the bracket after round 1:

Sunday, December 14, 2014

2014, Week 15: Train whistle

2014, Week 15: Bills 21, Packers 13

*train whistle*

*train whistle*

*train whistle*

The Packers got hit by a train in this one, although I'm not sure if the train was the Bills' defense or something inside their own heads that caused themselves to commit so many unforced errors. In any case, this was simply a horrible performance by the Packers, one of their worst of the season. I got the privilege of watching it in person. All I can remember from it is the stupid train whistle pumped-in noise that the Bills play at Ralph Wilson Stadium on every single opposing offensive play. Apparently the fans in Buffalo can't make enough noise on their own, so they have to add the stupid train whistle in order to make up for it. BIL-L-L-LS.

+'s & -'s:

+: Eddie Lacy.

-: Aaron Rodgers, who probably threw the MVP award away, Jordy Nelson, and the special teams.

2014 Green Bay Packers: 10-4
Next week: at Tampa

Friday, December 12, 2014

Chick-fil-A NCAA Football 14 Playoff - Round 1, Part 1

Here are the four first-round games of the Chick-fil-A NCAA Football 14 Playoff!

#1 Alabama vs. #16 Louisiana-Lafayette

#2 Oregon vs. #15 Memphis

#3 Florida State vs. #14 Marshall

#4 Ohio State vs. #13 Northern Illinois

(Don't want to watch the games? Score spoilers after the page break!)

Thursday, December 11, 2014

Chick-fil-A NCAA Football 14 Playoff

Welcome to the Chick-fil-A NCAA Football 14 Playoff! Similar to the Anime Bowls, these will be games simulated on NCAA Football 14. I simulate the games, upload the videos, post the results. Eventually, we come out with one "true" national champion!

And here is the bracket:

The 10 conference champions along with 6 at-large teams make it into the bracket, seeded by CFP ranking. The 1st-round games are at the home site of the higher-seeded team. The "New Year's Six" bowls + the Citrus Bowl host the quarterfinals as well as the same semifinal and final sites as in real life.

Look for videos of these games to be uploaded in the near future!

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

2014, Week 14: Surviving the second half

2014, Week 14: Packers 43, Falcons 37

Strangely enough, I had a game in my college football video game also end up with a 43-37 final score this week. Not nearly the same type of game as this one, though.

Aaron Rodgers and the Packers played a near-perfect first half, getting off to a 31-7 lead. Then they pretty much just played it safe the second half, only that they played it too safe and nearly completely blew their huge lead. Rodgers threw two perfect touchdown passes to Jordy Nelson that were highlight-reel worthy. Overall, an excellent performance by the offense, and by MVP candidate Rodgers, but the defense was puke-worthy in the 2nd half.

Next week, the Packers head to Buffalo to play the Bills, and I have tickets!

+'s & -'s:

+: Rodgers, Nelson, Eddie Lacy, James Starks.

-: Second-half defense.

2014 Green Bay Packers: 10-3
Next week: at Buffalo (where I will be attending!)

Saturday, December 6, 2014

The Anime Bowls!

So it's time for the Anime Bowls! After all, this blog was named after the college football bowl system. Now we're going to go meta and make anime characters play college football.

The system is simple: I create teams based off anime series and their characters. I then plug them into the final college football game, NCAA Football 14. Those teams then go at it in bowls. The winners get bragging rights, the losers walk the walk of shame. Simple, right? So let's announce the bowls and their participants!

The Aniplex Cotton Bowl - between the Tenchi Muyo Spaceships and the Crystal Tokyo Sailor Senshi! Tenchi Muyo brings in a team quarterbacked by Tenchi Masaki himself, while the Sailor Senshi have star players at every skill position. A big time game deep in the heart of Texas, played at the same site of the Packers' Super Bowl XLV triumph, in Arlington.

The Bleach Soul Reapers up against the Naruto Ninjas in the Funimation Fiesta Bowl! It's a big time rivalry: Bleach vs. Naruto. What better way to settle it than on the gridiron? And although the Funimation Fiesta Bowl organizers were disappointed not to get their desired participants, they'll be happy to get this long-time rivals playing each other in this bowl taking place in Glendale, Arizona.

No factual inaccuracies here - it's the Scout Regiment Titans up against the Aincrad Swords in the NIS America Orange Bowl! Two of Toonami's star series go at it in a bowl sure to light up the scoreboard. Most likely the team with the ball last will win this bowl, held in Miami (Florida).

The Bang Zoom! Entertainment Peach Bowl matches up the True Cross Exorcists and the Hetalia Nations. If there's going to be a crazy game, it's sure to be this one held in Atlanta. I'm still trying to get my head around the whole world being on the Hetalia side, but maybe those pesky Exorcists can find away to circumnavigate the globe and get a victory.

The Sugar Bowl matches up the SOS Brigade and the Death Note Gods of Death. (The team creator thought that Shinigami was a swear word and thus wouldn't let me name them that.) The SOS Brigade clearly has the most beautiful uniforms, being a mix of white, pink, green and aqua. Death Note's uniforms are by contrast simply black and white. Which style of play will work best in New Orleans - Haruhi's colorful style, or the Death Note tough style?

Finally, it's the grandaddy of them all, the Rose Bowl Game presented by Viz Media. Seriously, Pasadena, CA may be as close to the Garden of Eden as you'd ever imagine. It is utter paradise up there. I can't imagine a more beautiful place on earth. Oh, and they've got a good bowl game there too. This one will feature the Tokyo-3 Angels & the InuYasha Demons. That's right, Angels vs. Demons. Who will come out on top in the ultimate battle - evil Angels vs. good Demons? About as confusing as I can make it, right?

So there you have it. During the New Year's holiday I will play out these 6 bowls, then announce the outcomes here on this blog. Betting is not only allowed but encouraged. I've got Tenchi, Bleach, SAO, Hetalia, Haruhi & InuYasha as my 6 winners. What about you?

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

No Upcoming Shows

Toonami has decided to go Attack on Titan on us and fool around for a couple of weeks. And thus I'm going to have to actually take out the DVDs and watch the episodes of InuYasha & Gurren Lagann myself (not sure if I'll actually do that with Gurren Lagann). In any case, I'm going to have to fill the empty space between Packers games with gimmicks, so be on the lookout for those!