Tuesday, October 25, 2016

JoJo 2: Rugby Sevens

JoJo's Bizarre Adventure episode 2 review


What a turn of events. After a melodramatic first episode that failed to impress me on any level, Jojo's second episode caught me hook, line and sinker with a stellar plot line as well as some great action scenes. Jojo and Dio work together to win a rugby match, which was fun to watch. Then Jojo's father is getting sick, and Jojo can't figure out why. So he puts a bit of his blood on that mysterious mask from episode one, and he finds a letter that spells out how Dio's father died of the same thing Jojo's father is sick with. Jojo immediately suspects Dio of poisoning his father, and cuts him off from doing any more damage.

Then Jojo goes off to find the antidote to the poison. Along the way, he gets attacked by random thugs, who he beats because of his "resolve" (interesting that he's got "resolve" and Ichigo's voice). Meanwhile, Dio uses the mask to turn a man into a vampire of sorts, but this backfires when the guy almost kills him. Dio survives, unfortunately, when the sun comes up. This leaves us in suspense for what will happen next.

It was a brilliant second episode that did away with the over-the-top stuff from the first episode and instead brought a fair amount of action and suspense to the story. Now I feel a lot more like watching to see what happens next.

Episode rating (out of four stars): ***½

Monday, October 24, 2016

HxH 25: Concrete jungle where dreams are made of

Hunter x Hunter episode 25 review


So much for the Zoldyck family "arc." It wasn't an arc after all, just a tease. After what I thought would be a big struggle for Gon to rescue Killua from his mother's clutches, the family just lets Killua go. Gon, Kurapika and Leorio play a "game" which involves Canary's life being put on the line over the three having to guess which hand a coin is in. Fortunately, Gon chooses to cut his eye to reduce the swelling, then guesses correctly.

Then Killua shows up, and everyone just leaves. We hardly knew you, Zoldyck family. Now we're off to Yorknew City. I heard that if you can make it there, you can make it anywhere. Kurapika needs to settle a score with Hisoka, Leorio needs to become a doctor, and Gon and Killua need to train so Gon can punch Hisoka. It appears the next arc will be focused on Yorknew City, the concrete jungle where dreams are made of. Let's hear it for Yorknew, Yorknew, Yorknew...

Character of the episode: Gon

Episode rating (out of four stars): ***

Sunday, October 23, 2016

2016, Week 7: White Out

2016, Week 7: Packers 26, Bears 10

Aaron Rodgers set a Packers record with 39 completions, as the Packers defeated the archrival Chicago Bears 26-10 on a Thursday night in Green Bay. Davante Adams came up huge with 13 catches - one shy of the team record - and also 2 touchdowns. Ty Montgomery and Randall Cobb also hit double digits in receptions. Rodgers went over 300 yards for the first time this season.

While the Packers were shaky into the third quarter in this one, eventually they got their act together in the second half. It wasn't a totally impressive performance - after all, the Bears were down to their third quarterback - but it was an acceptable one, and most importantly, it was a win. The Packers now trail the Bears by only one in the all-time series record.

+'s & -'s:

+: Adams, Montgomery, defense in general.

-: Mason Crosby (missed an extra point, albeit from 38 yards out, and had a field goal blocked).

2016 Green Bay Packers: 4-2
Next week: at Atlanta

Friday, October 21, 2016

#FlashbackFriday: Sailor Moon R episodes 61-62 review

The first episode of the two reviewed today is so forgettable that you wonder why they even made it. It is so formulaic and just a waste of time. Basically an enemy wants to give Usagi a makeover, but it's really an evil plan, so Usagi transforms into Sailor Moon and fights her off. In the episode, Mamoru breaks up with Usagi for no good reason whatsoever, and while this is a big development, it makes zero sense logically. Usagi's "too weak"? What kind of man breaks up with a girl for being "too weak"? What a joke.

The second episode of the two features "Only a Memory Away." Actually, it doesn't; that song was only in the original dub. This dub fails to give us that song, instead giving us the Japanese song, but playing it so softly in the background that you can't even hear it. Ami waffles on her decision to either go to Germany to become a doctor or stay with the Sailor Guardians. Guess which one she chose. An okay episode, but not great.

Episode 61 rating (out of four stars): *
Episode 62 rating (out of four stars): **½

Thursday, October 20, 2016

#ThrowbackThursday: Cardcaptor Sakura episodes 61-62 review

I can see the finish line. There's only one more disc to go, and it can't come soon enough. These episodes were just awful, with the exception of Nakuru glomping Toya multiple times.

Episode 61 is about Christmas, but for the majority of the episode, not much happens. Eventually Syaoran and Sakura fight off a card, but it seems to be just an undercard to the story about Sakura buying a Christmas gift for her father. And if your main plot is about buying a Christmas gift, you can guess that it's just not that active of an episode.

Episode 62 isn't much better. Sakura and Tomoyo get their fortunes from Eriol. Sakura's fortune in particular is that something will happen to her in a dream. Then she goes to sleep and has a dream, and in the process she ends up getting a card to transform. But besides her voice being a little funny as she talks in her sleep, it's really a boring episode.

The show has been building up this thing about Eriol actually being Clow Reed and an enemy for a long time now, but the payoff hasn't come. Instead, we're still waiting for him to actually do something evil. He isn't actually doing anything wrong, he's just appearing sinister while watching Sakura go about her business of transforming the cards. There's only 8 episodes left. It's now or never for him to become the villain, instead of just being the quasi-villain he's been.

Episode 61 rating (out of four stars): *
Episode 62 rating (out of four stars): *