Thursday, March 5, 2015

Gurren Lagann 24: Redshirt freshmen

Gurren Lagann episode 24 review


If you're looking for entertainment, this episode certainly offered a whole lot of that. Explosions, missiles, the whole enchilada of space battle action. What it also offered was the death of several redshirts, characters who surprisingly actually have names, and who decided to give up their lives for Simon's sake.

The concept of "Simon will find exactly where Nia is because of the power of love" is so cliche, I probably used it 10 times in my fanfictions. Then we get a whole bunch of jibber-jabber about Simon getting super-duper Spiral power that's going to pierce through the enemy, whoever and whatever it is. Then comes the battle, which is composed of Simon grunting and trying to make his Spiral power go up, and other people actually doing stuff, and a few giving their lives in the process. (I'm too lazy to write "Seemoan" tonight.)

In the end, the twins, along with a couple of others, get killed off. Note that I don't have names for them; that's because the series hasn't been all that great at giving me names and helping me remember them. I have to say that I tried my very best to enjoy this episode for what it was. I'm not being negative on purpose.

Character of the episode: Yoko
She had a couple of funny lines that made her my choice here.

Episode rating (out of four stars): **

Sunday, March 1, 2015

InuYasha TFA 12: Miroku & Sango & jars of alcohol

InuYasha The Final Act episode 12 review


This is a series of pre-scheduled posts, as I have gone ahead and watched my DVD version of InuYasha: The Final Act.

It's our first Miroku x Sango episode, and only really our second moment between the two in this "Final Act." I greatly appreciate it, since I love this couple, but it wasn't as touching as I had hoped. Given that the "Final Act" has given us some really good emotional moments in the past, I was a bit surprised that this episode didn't affect me in that way. Still, I enjoyed this episode for the most part, but I would have rather had Miroku and Sango spend more time with each other, rather than professing their love separately, as they did here.

Character of the episode: Sango
Her first big moment in this "Final Act."

Episode rating (out of four stars): ***

Friday, February 27, 2015

Heading toward madness

The first announcement here is an unfortunate one: I will not be hosting a liveblog for my 1 reader this week. I will hope to catch up on everything in the week following.

The second one is this: we will be having the annual Anime Bracket contest again this year, with anyone who reads this blog free to participate. Rumor has it that there may be a prize to the person with the best bracket this year... The 65-character bracket will appear here on the Ides of March, so get those pencils ready, the seventh annual Anime Bracket is only weeks away!

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Gurren Lagann 23: The Theory of Everything

(I'm not sure which atheist/scientist/left-winger that movie is even about anyway. Not like I care.)
So this episode starts off with some mumbo jumbo about evolution. Not the Darwin type, nor the Pokemon type, nor even the X-Men type. It's some weird stuff about how Seemoan, by his defeating of the moon simply by talking Nia into it, has now evolved and so has humanity. Unfortunately, Gurren Lagann doesn't allow me to take it serious, even when it tries in this case. The reason? Well, just wait a moment...

Okay, so Rossiu is mad. Or sad. Or... something. I can't figure out what has gotten into him. The guy goes back to his birthplace to talk about how his Clow Book was really just a bunch of nonsense, a practical joke from long ago. (It does look like the Clow Book, you know.) If this was an American show, it would be easily spotted as anti-Christian propaganda, but fortunately it's Japanese so we can let it slide. (Left-wing crap is so easy to spot these days.) What I have a problem with isn't even Rossiu taking that gun to his head, which was never really explained. He said he needed to "atone" for something, but I don't know what he actually needed to atone for. Who even died in the whole preceding episodes? Didn't everyone survive thanks to the heroic Seemoan? What's Rossiu atoning for by putting a bullet in his own brain?

As I just said, though, that isn't my problem. My problem is with Seemoan going to SAVE Rossiu, with Kinon along with him but really not that important. Somehow Rossiu has gone miles and miles away and no one knows where he is, yet Seemoan finds him in under 5 minutes of episode time. Was he really all that gone, if he was found so quickly? You have to do better than that to make me really think Rossiu's going to shoot that gun. The drama was so forced, I couldn't help but laugh. In fact, I was laughing really hard. It was unintentional humor at its worst. Rossiu is about to commit suicide and all I can do is laugh, because we know there's no chance in heck he's firing that gun. And then Seemoan does the exact same thing that Kamina did, further slamming down our throats this idea that Simon = Kamina. But that's not the case. Simon wins battles by deus ex machina, and as much as I hate using that phrase, I hate more when it happens. (Note the usage of "Seemoan" to denote the character who "grows" by deus ex machina rather than real character development.)

Now I know I'm just one of those bloggers who makes his living off negativity, but there was so much wasted potential. If it was Kinon who convinced Rossiu into not suiciding, I would have been happy. But the Rossiu/Kinon relationship is sort of put to the side while we hear about how great Seemoan is. This Seemoan really is getting on my nerves. He's like an Ed Elric, a Kirito. Can't he go back to having at least some weaknesses?

Oh, and the Moon comes back. We missed you, Moon. Don't ever leave us again like that.

Character of the episode: Kinon
You know, there's so much that could have happened with the Rossiu/Kinon relationship, but never miss a chance to make Seemoan the hero.

Episode rating (out of four stars): *

Monday, February 23, 2015

Kill la Kill 3: You wear me and I am worn by you

Kill la Kill episode 3 review


"When you wear me and I am worn by you..."

Some weird passive voice talk there. The only time I really find the passive voice to be useful is in theology, when we talk about being baptized and being forgiven. Oh, and I also find it useful in writing long essays, because it takes up more space. That is, more space is taken up by it.

Anyway, I was really excited to finally get the backstory on Satsuki, or at least some more on her character - but that didn't quite happen here. She seems to me to be an incredibly intriguing character, but it seems that meeting her will be put off once more. Although I will say that we did get to see quite a lot of her... if you know what I mean.

Maybe the series is setting us up for an epic Ryuko vs. Satsuki battle some 20 episodes from now. Or maybe we're just being teased. It's the carrot and the stick analogy. Actually I have no idea what the carrot and stick thing even means, to me it sounds like a boring food choice. In any case, Satsuki put about 100 people between her and Ryuko, and that seems like a whole lot of disposable enemies to draw this thing out even farther.

Will Ryuko ever find out the killer of her father? Will we? And is it actually Satsuki? (I haven't been spoiled much, but my guess is no.)

Character of the episode: Satsuki

Episode rating (out of four stars): ***

Sunday, February 22, 2015

InuYasha TFA 11: A mirror for a gravestone

InuYasha The Final Act episode 11 review


This is a series of pre-scheduled posts, as I have gone ahead and watched my DVD version of InuYasha: The Final Act.

I loved creepy Kanna. I really did. She was my favorite of Naraku's detachments/incarnations. Back in 2007, she was one of my favorite characters altogether. (There was no Anime Bracket back then.) It is truly sad therefore to see her fall to pieces in her tragic end.

I'll spare you the short stuff and let you know that Kanna died. What's touching is the final scene where the InuYasha gang take her broken mirror and make it her gravestone. It's a very emotional scene and one of the best so far in this "season." Very sweet to see them do that for Kanna. Of course, Kanna had given Kagome one final message - the light will defeat Naraku. She, like Kagura, at the end wanted to be free, and to defeat Naraku. Her legacy thus will live on with Kagome.

Can you tell that I liked this episode? Can you tell that I love InuYasha?

Character of the episode: Kanna
One final time.

Episode rating (out of four stars): ***½

Saturday, February 21, 2015